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City Honors of Zhongshan
Updated: 2019-01-22    Source: Large Medium Small Print

1. National Forest City

2. National Historical and Cultural City

3. The City That People are Satisfied With (The City of Satisfaction)

4. Most Harmonious City in China

5. One of the Top 10 Happiest Cities on the Chinese Mainland

6. National Civilized City

7. Chinese Outstanding Tourism City

8. National Model Project City of Efficient Traffic Flow

9. National Advanced Progress City in Science and Technology

10. National Brand Economy City

11. National Advanced City Developed with Quality

12. National Fitness Model City

13 Powerful City in Education

14. National Garden City

15. UN Habitat Scroll of Honor Award

16. National Environmental Protection Demonstration City

17. National Double Support Demonstration City

18. National Sanitary City

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