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Countryside implanted with 'city heart'
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It is hard to tell whether it is a "town in a village" or a "village in town" when you walk through the fields and high buildings in Tanzhou. It is still the countryside we are familiar with, except that an urban system was quietly embedded in it.


In a natural village in Qicun community, a river winds and people live along both sides of the river. [Photos by Wen Bo]


Black cylindrical columns exposed at intervals in a stream, are dispersed and hidden sewage collection device.


The self-service study in Tanzhou, which opened in April, is only 70 square meters in size and looks like a yellow container. However, it can accommodate not only 5,000 books, but also rural people's passion for reading.


Jindouwan Primary School, which opened in September, is surrounded by high-rise residential buildings. It is equipped with up-to-date facilities.


Outside the fence of the school playground, however, are a series of fish ponds where farmers work every day. A group of egrets cheerfully pecks like a white guard in a fish pond.

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