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Images: Industrious villagers seize the day
Updated: 2021-03-05    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

The song of insects awakening in the morning signals the best time for spring ploughing. Recently, farmers in the fields of towns and sub-districts in Zhongshan have been busy with ploughing, digging, spraying pesticides, and other ways of maintaining their fields. The spring farming season has just begun.


Egrets forage in the fields of Zuobu Village, Nanlang Town on the morning of March 3. [Photo by Miao Xiaojian]


Construction workers lay water pipes in Dongsheng Village, Minzhong Town on February 22. [Photo by Yu Zhaoyu]


A Shaxi farmer irrigates white flowered gourd seedlings with a watering machine on February 23. [Photo by Yu Zhaoyu]


Grain seeds are spread evenly in the seedling tray. [Photo by Miao Xiaojian]


Farmers in Qifenghuan Community of Dachong Town scatter seed in the paddy fields on February 25. [Photo by Miao Xiaojian]


Grain farmer Liang Huiquan checks the plastic film for raising seedlings. [Photo by Yu Zhaoyu]


Farmers in Yakou Village use tractors to plow their fields to prepare for the planting on February 21. [Photo by Wen Bo]

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