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Images: Rural cultural tourism
Updated: 2021-05-07    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

During the May Day holiday, rural cultural tourism was popular in Zhongshan, and such many events as the Shenwan Pineapple Culture Festival, sports tourism in Huangpu, Banfu and other old revolutionary base areas and music shows in Nanlang were held. 


The 2nd Sanxi Culture and Art Season takes place at the Sanxi Economic Association New Era Civilization Practice Station. [Photo by Wang Yun]


A member of the Huangpu Publicity Group shares the history of the CPC to the public through Salty Water Songs. [Photo by Li Xusheng]


On the last day of the May Day holiday, tourists enjoy themselves in fields in Yakou Village, Nanlang. [Photo by Sun Junjun]


Agricultural specialty products are a favorite of visitors. [Photo by Ming Jian]


The 2021 Zhongshan Vintage ACG Festival, held in Zhan's Garden in South District, attracts a large number of ACG fans. [Photo by Wang Yun]


The event held in Shijun Village, Huangpu Town attracts many citizens. [Photo by Ming Jian]

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