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Catch up with spring while the flowers bloom
Updated: 2022-03-03    Source: Zhongshan Release Large Medium Small Print

Recently, "Morning News" and "CCTV News" highlighted the spring scenery of Zhongshan. How beautiful is Zhongshan's flower-filled scenery? Come and have a look!

Zimaling Park


In Zimalang Park, a pleasant spring breeze blows and flowers are blooming. "This is a great spring, and I feel that Zhongshan is becoming even more beautiful." Citizens exclaimed while taking pictures.



Thousands of plum trees cover the three big lawns in Zimaling Park. Walking through the trees is like being in a sea of white flowers.

Jinzhong Lake Park


Green mountains and hills complement each other perfectly. Every tree and bush is an integral part of spring.



Birds sing as you walk through the forest and a natural fragrance fills the air.

Former residence of Dr Sun Yat-sen



A large number of white, purple and pink gesang flowers are in full bloom in the scenic area. They look beautiful and together create a romantic atmosphere.

Henglan section of the Zhongshan-Shunde Dam



The blooming flowers stretch for kilometer along the banks of the Xijiang River in Zhongshan symbolic of a beautiful spring scroll stretching out before your eyes.

Living in Zhongshan, you can see flowers at any time. Come catch up with spring while the flowers bloom!

Tip: Remember to take active personal protection measures when going out during the COVID-19 epidemic period.

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