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Tai Li's live streaming studio stays open during Spring Festival
Updated: 2021-02-20    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print


"As you can see, this vacuum compression bag is really convenient to use, durable, and completely moisture-proof." Promotion influencers were selling products with great enthusiasm from Tai Li Group's live streaming studio on February 18 (January 7 of the lunar calendar). On the first day after the Spring Festival, nearly 100% of the employees from Tai Li Group headquarters in Shiqi District had returned to work, and the company expected a good start for the new year.

"During the Spring Festival, we sold discounted products on different e-commerce platforms non-stop for 16 hours every day. At present, we have trained about 30 promotional influencers. We will conduct system training to improve their expertise and abilities," said Jiang Yiling, manager of the lives treaming department of Tai Li Group.

In recent years, Tai Li Group has laid its emphasis on e-commerce operations to explore a new, modern, open model compatible with the development of online enterprises. Last year, the company established the Tai Li E-commerce Asia-Pacific Operation Center, Global Livestreaming Base, Taili Business School, and more.

Tai Li Group saw an year-on-year sales growth of 89% in January, and it will vigorously develop e-commerce while putting effort into R&D this year.

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