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ZIDD unveils 10 research centers
Updated: 2021-04-01    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print


The Zhongshan Summit for Innovative Drug R&D in the Greater Bay Area and Strategic Cooperation Signing Ceremony was held in Zhongshan on March 30.

At the summit, the Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica and the Zhongshan Institute for Drug Discovery (ZIDD) signed strategic cooperation agreements with Sunshine Lake Pharma Co Ltd and Zhongzhi Pharmaceutical Group Co Ltd respectively. The three parties will cooperate on the establishment of joint innovation laboratories, training, research exchange, innovation investment and technical service consultation.

The ZIDD has set up 10 new research centers, covering immunization, metabolism, neuropsychiatry, chemical medicine, modernization of traditional Chinese medicine, carbohydrate-boosting drugs, drug production structure, preparation, safety assessment and pharmacokinetics, as well as key technology platforms. The unveiling ceremony for the 10 research centers was held at the event.

The one-day summit involved a variety of presentations including keynote speeches, round table discussions and field reports. The summit also established a platform for joint communications on innovative drug R&D and explored new models and mechanisms for the research and development of innovative drugs.

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