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Maximum incentives of 100m yuan for corporate HQs to set up in Zhongshan
Updated: 2019-08-14    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

The Zhongshan Development and Reform Bureau took the lead in drawing up the exposure draft of the Opinions on Further Encouraging the Development of the Headquarters Economy (Revised Version) so as to solicit public opinions from August 8 to 22.

Companies registered in Zhongshan with independent legal personality and headquarter functions of decision management, administrative management, asset management, fund settlement management and procurement management, or independent legal entities authorized by parent companies to undertake some headquarter functions such as regional sales, R&D and operation, can be basically identified as headquarter companies.

According to the exposure draft, companies can be further identified as headquarters companies once they meet one of the nine requirements.

Specifically, Direct identification includes 4 cases: domestic and foreign listed companies (excluding those listed on NEEQ); companies in Zhongshan that are indirectly listed abroad through overseas companies with control over them, and take responsibilities for the headquarter functions such as marketing and settlement, as well as listed companies that are established in Zhongshan as independent legal persons with headquarter functions such as marketing and settlement; secondary companies or South China regional headquarters of central enterprises; companies registered in Zhongshan and included in the Global Top 500 Companies (Forbes), China's Top 500 Enterprises, China's top 500 Service Enterprises, and Guangdong Top 100 Enterprises in previous year.

Identified headquarter companies will enjoy support policies in settlement award, contribution award, promotion award, land use guarantee, talent service and government service.

Specifically, the maximum settlement award for headquarter companies that are identified for the first time shall be 2 million yuan for every 100 million paid-in registered capital (only in currency contribution), with 100 million yuan at maximum.

Zhongshan will focus on optimizing on a conducive environment for the economic development of the headquarters, and striving to raise the number of headquarters companies to over 100 by 2024.

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