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Zhongshan's household service sector has a promising prospect
Updated: 2019-09-09    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

The "Work Plan to Promote Employment through 'Guangdong Household Service' Project of Guangdong Province" was issued a few days ago. This initiative aims to support 100 leading household service enterprises by 2021 by effectively solving the problems of market demand exceeding supply and inconsistent industry standards.

According to the data provided by the Zhongshan Bureau of Commerce, there are more than 270 entities (including household service companies, training schools, stores run by self-employed persons, etc) engaged in household services within Zhongshan staffed by 37,000 employees. With a population of 3 million, Zhongshan needs 200,000 workers to meet the basic household service needs of the market. Without regard to geographical and economic conditions, Zhongshan needs at least 100,000 workers in the household service industry, and the city possesses a shortfall of more than 50,000. This is a labor market with huge potential.

Li Chunyan, General Manager of Zhongshan Hongshan Maternity Matron Service Co Ltd, said that if a household service company wants sustained economic growth, they must first focus on service; they can then build a successful brand. Only companies with a competitive core will be able to attract and retain talent.

Liang Caiping, President of the Zhongshan Home Service Association, indicated that it is not easy to run a good household service company, because there are many factors in the industry affecting its development. These factors include the high mobility of personnel, young people's reluctance to enter the industry, low profits, etc.

According to Li, the post-80s and post-90s generational household service workers are now the most popular in the market, because people in this age range are relatively young, strong in learning and quick to accept new things as well as possess better communication skills with their employers. However, people in this age range are the most difficult to recruit since most young people do not want to join this industry.

Industry insiders believe that only when the policies issued by Guangdong Province are truly implemented and the system and mechanism are found to be sound, will they join the development of the household service industry. Only these changes will solve the difficulty in recruiting industry service personnel.

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