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NHTP makes room through 'old building transformation'
Updated: 2019-09-12    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

News from the National Health Technology Park (NHTP) in Torch Development Zone says that the renovated 9-story factory of Zhongshan Jiaxin Medical Equipment Co Ltd has been officially capped.

The factory, located within the second phase of NHTP, was previously a single-story factory with a construction area of 5,900 square meters. Influenced by this year's transformation policy for "old towns, old factories, and old villages", NHTP actively guided companies to transform the factory into a nine-story building with a construction area of 21,846 square meters.

Except for the two floors to be used by Jiaxin Medical Equipment, the remaining seven floors of the building will serve as the new beacon for the park to attract investments in the next phase.

With the culmination of NHTP's first and second phases, the park has actively shown its response to the "old towns, old factories, and old villages" transformation policy. It has guided companies to integrate with original low-output and low-growth companies through the comprehensive evaluation of the original workshop. This was done in terms of technological innovation, output value, energy consumption, and it introduces innovative high-tech companies which have enhanced the overall image of the park.

Presently, through the introduction of patent technologies and innovation teams, NHTP has built a platform for the research and industrialization of children's medicine and children's medical equipment in China. The park has gathered a lot of leading children's specialized health products at home and abroad, and it has constructed a research and production base for children's medicine and medical equipment.

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