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Zhongshan releases action plan for AI development
Updated: 2019-09-25    Source: Guangzhou Daily Large Medium Small Print


Zhongshan plans to boost development and industrialization of AI products.

The Action Plan for Accelerating the Development of the New Generation of Artificial Intelligence in Zhongshan City (2019-2021) (hereinafter referred to as "the Plan") has been officially released. The city will carry out major scientific and technological research on artificial intelligence and support the development and industrialization of AI products.

According to the Plan, Zhongshan will focus on the application of artificial intelligence in organizing and implementing major scientific and technological projects, support innovative entities, universities and research institutes at home and abroad to make a breakthrough in core technologies of the key areas of artificial intelligence, and encourage the application and product development of core hardware such as smart sensors, micro-electromechanical systems, high-performance optical fibers and micro-devices. In addition, Zhongshan will strive to make technological breakthrough in machine vision, speech recognition, biometric recognition, intelligent interaction, deep learning, neural networks, independent decision-making control, and other core technologies.

Zhongshan will support the production of robotic devices such as intelligent robots, industrial robots, special robots, surgical robots, service robots and nursing robots, core components for robot research and development, such as high-precision reducer, special servo motor and driver, high-speed and high-performance controller and end-effector. In the same line, Zhongshan will develop intelligent equipment products such as intelligent hardware and software, and intelligent terminals, as well as intelligent medical equipment such as digital medical imaging equipment, analysis system, diagnosis system and health detection system.

The city will support leading backbone enterprises to implement technological transformation with artificial intelligence technology application as the core and artificial intelligence manufacturing as the focus, to promote the development of small and medium-sized AI enterprises featuring "specialization, refinement, characteristic, novelty". Likewise, it will promote the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements in artificial intelligence, incubate and cultivate AI start-ups, build open-source and open platforms, incubate a number of AI start-ups, and support the building of a specialized space for the field of artificial intelligence.

Moreover, Zhongshan will support some leading global AI enterprises to establish AI innovation institutions in Zhongshan and introduce a number of high-end AI industry projects and leading enterprises. It is necessary to support enterprises in accelerating their global distribution, strengthen cooperation with overseas high-level universities and scientific research institutions, establish a number of overseas research and development institutions, incubators and technology transfer centers, and utilize overseas innovation resources to serve the development of AI innovation. It is also imperative to support enterprises and social institutions in conducting matchmaking of link up AI achievement transformation and promote the implementation of a number of major scientific and technological achievements.

Furthermore, Zhongshan will cultivate subjects of AI application services, promote representative enterprises, research institutions, financial institutions, social institutions and other organizations of the AI industry chain to form an artificial intelligence industry development alliance in Zhongshan. It will also foster and introduce AI service enterprises engaging in artificial intelligence chips, sensors and algorithms among others, and carry out AI technology applications around key areas such as e-government, equipment manufacturing, electronic information, smart home appliances, medical and health care, online education and business services.

Zhongshan will also focus on promoting the smart public service approval and application, and accelerate the development of such areas as smart equipment, smart products, smart manufacturing, smart logistics, smart security, smart medical care and smart education.

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