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Wei Weihan meets with SVP of Siemens Ltd China
Updated: 2020-07-20    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

Zhongshan mayor Wei Weihan on July 16 met with Shang Huijie, senior vice president of Siemens Ltd China. They had in-depth discussions on strengthening cooperation in various fields and promoting industrial transformation.

Wei Weihan said that at present, Zhongshan is speeding up the construction of an international, modern, innovative city. Thanks to the the investment promotion this year, the change of urban development planning and the improvement of supporting services have played a significant role in promoting the formation of a good development environment in Zhongshan. It is hoped that Siemens will actively participate in the development of Zhongshan and provide strong support in upgrading the industrial sector, service improvement, and transportation infrastructure construction in Zhongshan.

Shang Huijie noted that in cooperation with Zhongshan, Siemens has joined hands with local enterprises to build digital household chemical product factories. Siemens intends to place these factories in intelligent manufacturing demonstration bases in Guangdong Province and all over China. Siemens hopes to deepen cooperation with Zhongshan in intelligent manufacturing, technical personnel training, rail transit construction, smart park construction, and other aspects.

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