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ZSLIA opens its business school
Updated: 2020-09-14    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

The Zhongshan Lighting Industry Association (ZSLIA) Business School was unveiled on the afternoon of September 10.

Cui Fucai, president of the ZSLIA, said that the business school would integrate resources of institutions and exemplary enterprises to provide training, tours, education, communication, and visiting platforms for member enterprises and dealers, so that they can keep learning, solve problems in business operation, and promote development.

"At present, we have also formulated group standards for lighting segmentations, and helped the industry increase its influence." He revealed that at present, ZSLIA is organizing enterprises to take the lead in formulating group standards for smart street lamps, ceiling fan light fixtures, and germ killing lamps. More resources can be organized to serve enterprises and the industry through the coordination efforts of ZSLIA and the business school.

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