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Zhongshan Meteorology Park to partially open by August 30
Updated: 2019-05-28    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print


Zhongshan Meteorology Park (effect picture).

Zhongshan Meteorology Park, the first weather-themed park in the city, will be partially open before August 30 this year.

As one of the theme parks in the Jinzhonghu Parks, Zhongshan Meteorology Park is located near the greenway exit of the Jinzhong Reservoir in East District. The park will be constructed in two phases around the mountains with meteorological elements..

The Phase I covers an area of 21.88 mu (14,586.67 m2) and a building area of 1,159 m2. It includes a standard weather observation field, observation rooms and a meteorological observatory.

The Phase II includes a meteorological disaster warning and monitoring information center, a weather science museum, an overhead car park, mountain roads and other park sections. The mountain roads, which are under preliminary design, is about 1.2km in length.

Last year, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (Zhongshan) Air Composition Field Scientific Experiment Base settled in the park. Two field shelters and two indoor laboratories would be also added to the Phase I project, along with over 30 kinds of instruments and equipment.

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