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Jinzishan Park to open by Spring Festival next year
Updated: 2019-07-19    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print


The Youth Science Pavilion, Jinshan Corridor, outdoor theater and main display walls of Jinzishan Park have been completed. [Photo by Wen Bo]

The director of the construction office of the Zhongshan Housing and Urban-rural Development Bureau announced on July 17 that all construction at Jinzishan Park will be completed by the end of August. The park is expected to be open to the public before the Spring Festival next year.

The past saw three abandoned quarries in Jinzishan Park. These quarries have now become the three core landscapes of the park, namely an outdoor theater, the Jinshan Fountain, and the Wenyuan Garden. Among them, the original stone beds have been utilized in the construction of small walls that have become part of the outdoor theater.

Jinzishan Park covers a total area of 410 mu (273,333 square meters) and is located adjacent to the Jinzishan Tunnel in East District. The park is designed with three entrances, two of which are located on Chenggui Road.

There are four functional areas in Jinzishan Park; the fitness area, the cultural experience area, the climbing & viewing area, and the recreational oxygen bar area. A variety of landscape features blend perfectly with the natural environment.

Presently, the only open areas include the Jinshan Fountain, the football field, and children's playground near the Jinzishan Tunnel.

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