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Zimaling Park renovation planned to start next year
Updated: 2019-08-09    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print


Design sketch showing the renovation and upgrade of Zimaling Park.

Zimaling Park is set to be comprehensively upgraded in 2020. A focus will be on the renovation and upgrade of the North and West Gates. Meanwhile, the eight scenic spots within Zimaling will be reconfigured with some of the runways along the main roads within the park being upgraded into jogging paths. This clever feature will help to meet citizens' future daily exercise needs. The renovation is scheduled to begin next year. The design scheme for this project was announced on August 7, having first been posted to the Zhongshan Housing and Urban-rural Development Bureau's website.

The overall renovation and upgrade project covers new changes and improvements to Zimaling Park and an urban branch road connecting Zhongshan No.5 Road and the underground parking lot of North Gate.

This highly anticipated project covers an area of 307,311 square meters, including the North Gate Square Area, the West Gate Area, the Xigu Area, the Tianchi Area, the Zima Slope, the Rose Garden, the Mengsheng Botanic Gardens, the Yingminggu Square, the East Gate and other sites. The renovation will focus on landscape architecture, garden architecture, electrical lighting, water supply and drainage, indicating systems, and supporting service facilities.

Time and effort will be spent in creating the eight scenic spots of Zimaling Park. They will be Horse Galloping, the Footpath beside the Stream, Lotus in the Sky Pond, Birds' Paradise in the Lychee Woods, Zima Hillside with Flowers, Wonderland on the South Lake, Blossoming Rose Field, and Spectacular Views in the Forest.

Zimaling Park, located on the south side of Zhongshan No.4 Road, first opened in 1993. It covers an area of 831,823 square meters. Zimaling Park is a large-scale urban ecological park featuring both recreation and ecology points of interest.

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