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Shenwan builds first TCM theme park
Updated: 2022-02-10    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

In Shenwan Town, there is a public park themed around traditional Chinese medicine, where citizens can exercise, breathe fresh air, and enjoy the beautiful scenery, as well as learn about TCM health knowledge.

The first TCM theme park is located at the former location of Hushan Park in Shenxi Village, covering an area of nearly 100 mu. It is divided into four areas, including "Famous doctors and medical skills", "Health knowledge", "Physical fitness", and "Mental recuperation". The park is equipped with trails, signs, guides, sports equipment, and a TCM culture display.

"In addition to the TCM park, we have also built a TCM education base. We hope to continuously enhance people's understanding of TCM knowledge and help build a healthy population through activities spreading awareness of TCM," said a official of Shenwan Town Health Bureau.

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