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Let's watch sunset together from mountaintop
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The weather in Zhongshan warms up recently. It is now a good time to go hiking and enjoy a nice sunset view with family and friends.

Yaji Mountain Forest Park is located in Shenxi Village, Shenwan Town. It covers an area of 255.85 hectares.


Yaji Mountain is rich in Shenwan Pineapples, thus garnering the nickname "Pineapple Mountain". Visitors can climb up the 318-meter mountain and pick pineapples themselves.

Yaji Mountain has a unique shape and beautiful scenery. You can enjoy different sights from different overlooking positions on the mountain.


In general, Yaji Mountain is a nice choice for hiking beginners. The highest point of the mountain provides a beautiful panoramic view.

If you want to enjoy the night scene, wait to go downhill until after sunset. Distant lights dazzle in the night, resembling clusters of jeweled necklaces.


Travel Tips

Address: Yaji Mountain, Shenwan Town (Navigate to "丫髻山森林公园" or "神湾丫髻山").

Admission Fee: Hiking is free of charge, but check local prices if you want to pick pineapples

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