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Cantonese chefs compete in 'cooking skills'
Updated: 2019-08-30    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print


The 2019 Zhongshan Chinese Cuisine Head Chef Professional Skills Competition was held in Xinyue Dasin Metro Mall in Shiqi District on August 28. [Photo by Chen Weibo]

This competition attracted 105 chefs from 57 catering companies across Zhongshan.

In addition to the raw food platter competition, all 105 contestants were further challenged with theoretical exams and contests in designated cooking and optional cooking matches. Optional cooking dishes included delicacies, such as Shiqi Squab and Xiaolan Fish Balls. The designated cooking challenge involved cooking Zhongshan crisped grass carp using various cooking techniques, such as panfrying, sauting, stewing, baking, deepfrying etc.

The organizers said they hoped to discover and train a number of the most promising Cantonese chefs who rose to the top of this competition. Their goal is to also enhance the cultural influence of Cantonese cuisine and create more famous Cantonese cuisine restaurants featuring dishes with Zhongshan characteristics.

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