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2020 Shiqi Pigeon Competition held
Updated: 2020-06-29    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print


Shiqi Pigeon is the name of a special Zhongshan cuisine. On the afternoon of June 27, the "Top 10 Gold Awards" and "Award-Winning Dishes" of the 2020 Shiqi Pigeon Competition were announced.

Affected by COVID-19, restaurants in Shiqi District have encountered unprecedented challenges and pressures this year. In order to carry forward Shiqi's cuisine culture, promote the "Shiqi Pigeon" cuisine brand, and boost consumer confidence, the Shiqi District Office organized this special competition.

This event attracted 23 famous restaurants in Shiqi to participate. The organizers displayed local special dishes made by these participating businesses using Shiqi pigeon as the main ingredient through Wechat and other new media platforms from June 19 to 26, attracting a large number of votes and likes from Zhongshan citizens.

Venice Restaurant, Geniaoxuan Restaurant, Fengyuan Restaurant, Taifuxuan Restaurant and others won the "Top 10 Gold Awards" for their Shiqi pigeon dishes. The winning dishes were also displayed at the Dasin Metro-Mall in Shiqi District.

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