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Zhongshan Featured Product Expo to open next week
Updated: 2021-03-11    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

The 2021 Zhongshan Featured Product Expo and Internet Celebrity Brand Fair will be held in Zhongshan Expo Center for 5 consecutive days from March 18 on.

The Expo will set up eight exhibition areas with different themes, including a well-known and high-quality products area, daily necessities area, holiday gifts area, luxury products area, popular brands area, food area, agricultural and landscape products area, and cross-border e-commerce procurement area. In addition, special products from Juxiangyuan, Golden Grop, Keadon and many famous brands will be displayed.

In addition to areas for eating, drinking and recreation, there will be various cultural performances and discussion panels.

It is worth mentioning that several display areas will be set up for calligraphy and paintings and traditional paper cuttings. What's more, an orchid exhibition area will be set up for the first time for the Zhongshan Orchid Association to exhibit 200 pots of orchids.

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