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The 3rd Zhongshan Marathon set on December 3
Updated: 2017-08-10    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

According to Zhongshan Education and Sports Bureau, the 3rd Zhongshan Marathon will be held this year. For the time being, it is set on December 3. This year's Zhongshan Marathon includes 4 events: full marathon, half marathon, 10km-marathon and fun marathon. It is estimated that 15 thousand people will take part in this year’s marathon. 

The drafted routes of four events are set. This year, the starting and finishing lines of all events will be set in Zhongshan Stadium. The organization committee may make some adjustments in accordance with the actual situations to reduce the negative impact on citizens. 

It is estimated a total of 15,000 people will attend this year’s Zhongshan Marathon, with 3,000 people attending full marathon, 4,000 half marathon, 4,000 10km-marathon and 4,000 fun marathon. 

After the preparations are completed, the organization committee will hold special press conference. The specific routes, registration methods and competition bonus will be announced then.

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