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Lifelong learning platform put into use
Updated: 2018-05-04    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

The Zhongshan City Lifelong Learning Platform ( with smartphone APP (Zhongshan iLearning) were both launched days before. They provide citizens with a digital “learning anywhere, anytime and everyone” environment.

Reportedly, the learning platform covers contents such as Xiangshan (Zhongshan) culture, family education, skills training, scientific literacy, early childhood education, health and wellness, arts and crafts, life and leisure, computer technology and elderly education. Learners can perform on-demand courses on the platform to complete teaching processes such as online tutoring, homework, self-test, and exams.

Learners can earn a certain number of credits for each course they complete, and will also receive a certificate of course completion. The credits can be also converted to household registration points.

At present, the platform has more than 2,000 registered students since trial operation in July of 2017. 

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