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3rd 'Beautiful Chinese Dance' carnival held in ZS
Updated: 2019-10-09    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print


The 3rd "Beautiful Chinese Dance" Carnival Performance and Competition was organized on October 1 at the Zhongshan Culture & Art Center square. [Photo by Miao Xiaojian]

A total of 600 people of 22 teams from townships, schools and dance associations attended the competition and performance, thus attracting a large number of people. 

Since 2013, the "Beautiful Chinese Dance" project has been highly valued in Zhongshan. Over the past six years, the Zhongshan Dancers Association, led by best-known dancer Professor Zhu Dongli, has created seven Chinese-style group dances. 

The "Beautiful Chinese Dance" project, spreading Chinese dance among the masses and driving the Chinese dance upsurge, is now carried out in UESTC, Zhongshan Institute, Tiecheng Primary School in West District and Dafeng School in Guangkou Town, Zhu Dongli said.

In addition, the project has also been promoted in Beijing, Liaoning Province, Shandong Province, among other places.

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