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Zhongshan issues sports vouchers for first time
Updated: 2021-08-09    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

Zhongshan for the first time issued sports vouchers starting on the morning of August 8, with 1 million yuan in coupons distributed for the first round. It is planned to distribute 2 million yuan in sports vouchers to the public over three rounds by October 1, with a maximum value of 50 yuan for a single use.

The coupons will be given out through China Unionpay Quick Pass on August 8 the National Fitness Day and during the back-to-school period in September and the National Day holiday in October. The total amount to be distributed is 1 million yuan, 500,000 yuan and 500,000 yuan respectively.

The fitness activities provided by the first batch of public and commercial stadiums include swimming, dancing, fitness, taekwondo, tennis, badminton, basketball, go-karts, shooting, archery, table tennis, soccer and golf.

"It is estimated that the 2 million yuan in coupons will drive at least 300,000 people to participate in different sports, stimulating over 10 million yuan in sports-related consumption," said Chen Wei, deputy director of the Zhongshan Education and Sports Bureau.

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