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285 new recruits in preservice training
Updated: 2017-09-14    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

On the morning of September 12, 285 new recruits were receiving closed preservice training in Wuguishan National Defense Education Base.

According to Guo Shengrong, staff officer of Zhongshan Military Subarea Mobilization Department, it was the first time to carry out "preservice training" for new recruits this year in Zhongshan. Preservice training, which refers to adaptive training for recruits after the collective confirmation of soldier and before the departure, includes individual military queue movement practice, simple physical exercises, ideological education courses, patriotic films watching, weapons exhibition tour, housekeeping lessons, and etc. The training will play an important role in correcting recruits’ army motivation, reducing quit risk, and improving their physical and mental qualities.

Reportedly, most of the new recruits were well adapted, while only few of them encountered physical discomfort.

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