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Zhongshan designates ‘environmental police’ to fight pollution crimes
Updated: 2017-11-06    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

A more powerful guardian for environmental protection enforcement appeared. According to Zhongshan public security and environmental protection authorities, in order to crack down on crimes related to environmental pollution, Zhongshan Public Security Bureau has organized a special team responsible for environmental protection and designated a director. 

The EP investigation team is upgraded from secret service one team of security administration under Zhongshan Public Security Bureau. It is mainly responsible for safeguarding the environmental resources, punishing pollution crimes as well as investigating cases related to environmental contamination, illegal disposal or import of solid wastes, illegal fishing, illegal occupation of farmlands and illegal mining with administrative means.

With the assistance of “environmental police”, environmental protection authority can quickly provide monitoring data and transfer cases. If the expert opinions show that law violation is involved, the case would be immediately transferred to public security authority. 

In case of serious environmental pollution or environmental pollution criminals’ escaping or evidence destroying behaviors, public security authority can get involved the cases in advance and collect and fix evidence cooperating with environmental protection department to control the suspects. 

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