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Zhongshan’s prices of agricultural products remain stable
Updated: 2017-11-09    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

In October, Zhongshan’s commodity price remained stable on the whole, while the prices of meat and vegetables declined slightly. According to analysis, vegetable prices will continue to decline in the fourth quarter owing to the market cycle of winter vegetables.

According to monitoring, the average retailing price of 30 kinds of vegetables declined to 3.82 yuan per 500g in October, showing a month-on-month decline of 2.30%. 

On the whole, of the prices of 30 vegetables, 19 show signs of decline, 6 rise and 5 remain stable. But on the whole, the prices declined slightly. The price of spinach dramatically declined most at 9.77% comparing with September’s. The prices of other vegetables showed small changes of less than 5%. 

Generally, winter vegetables are pushed to the market from October every year. Coupled with the effects brought by typhoon in September, the vegetables prices dropped after rises and are expected to continue decreasing in the coming months.

In meat, poultry and egg category, retailing prices of pork, chicken, duck, eggs and aquatic products all showed small declines, while the price of beef rose slightly. 

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