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Zhongshan’s CPI up 2.2% year on year in October
Updated: 2017-11-17    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

With the good turn in weather in October, Zhongshan sees declining vegetable prices. Compared with that of September, prices of fresh vegetable, pork, chicken eggs and aquatic products dropped by 3.9%, 0.9%, 3.4% and 0.6% respectively. In October, Zhongshan’s CPI declined by 0.1% from September, but rose by 2.2% from last year.

Compared with that of last month, food prices in October decreased generally. Due to the frequent attacks of typhoon, the production of fresh vegetables in Zhongshan and neighbouring cities has declined, leading to a high vegetables price. As weather turned good, the supply of vegetable has recovered, in which case fresh vegetables price drop by 3.9%. 

Compared with last year, Zhongshan’s CPI in October rose by 2.2%. On year on year basis, products and services which experienced remarkable rise in price included liquefied petroleum gas (27.9%), medical services (15.3%) and western medicine (10.3%), while those experienced dramatic drop in price included pipeline gas (9.4%), pork (5.3%) and medical equipment (5.3%). 

From January to October, Zhongshan’s CPI accumulatively grew by 1.6%. 

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