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25 ‘Zhongshan good employees’ awarded
Updated: 2018-04-25    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

The Story Sharing Meeting for Zhongshan Model Workers, Craftsmen and Good Employees was organized by Zhongshan Federation of Trade Unions Monday night in Zhongshan Worker’s Culture Hall. 25 staffs were awarded “Zhongshan Good Employee” for the second half of 2017.

At the meeting, national model worker Wang Bing (Chief Engineer of TCB Bearing Manufacturing Co Ltd), master sculptor Li Guoyang (Art Director of Dachong Li Guoyang Woodcarving Studio), the “Zhongshan Top10 Craftsmen” He Bing (Director of Quality Control Department of Gree Zhongshan company) and post-90s notary Liang Shufang (Office Clerk of Guishan Notary Office of Zhongshan) shared their work experience and touching stories with the audiences.

Reportedly, Zhongshan Federation of Trade Unions has launched the “Seeking Good Employees Around You” campaign since 2014 and has announced 145 “Zhongshan good employees” so far. 

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