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Zhongshan has 107% coverage of accident insurance
Updated: 2018-04-26    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

Since the new-type insurance mode “Welfare Action for the Silver Age” was launched 4 years ago, Zhongshan’s coverage of accident insurance has reached 107.26% so far, which is on the top level province-wide. The city is also one of the five cities with 100% or above accident insurance coverage in Guangdong.

Reportedly, for the purpose of perfecting the old-age security system and increasing senior citizens’ resistance to accident or injury, in July of 2014 Zhongshan introduced the government-enterprise cooperative accident insurance program called“Welfare Action for the Silver Age”. According to the program, healthy citizens aged 55 years old or above are provided with wide range of insurance plans (from 10 yuan to 200 yuan) for accidental injury, medical treatment and hospitalization allowance.

At present, approximately 275.3 thousand senior citizens in Zhongshan have joined the accident insurance. Last year, up to 5,415 persons claimed insurance payment, which helped reduce financial burden of their families'. 

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