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Emergency subsidy plan for purchase, storage of farm products
Updated: 2020-03-25    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

In order to ensure the stable production and supply of "non-staple food" products during the prevention and control of novel coronavirus pneumonia, and to solve the overstocking and sluggish sales problem of poultry, aquatic products, vegetables and fruits in Zhongshan, the Zhongshan Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and Zhongshan Finance Bureau jointly issued the "2020 Zhongshan Emergency Subsidy Plan for Purchase and Storage of Poultry, Aquatic Products, Vegetables and Fruits" to encourage relevant business entities to increase purchase and storage efforts and promote the healthy development of related industries.

According to the subsidy plan, from February 14 to the end of epidemic prevention and control, enterprises that purchase and store more than 100,000 poultry items and more than 10 tons of aquatic products from Guangdong Province, and are responsible for storage for more than 30 days, will be subsidized by 2 yuan for the purchase and storage of each poultry, and 1,000 yuan for each ton of aquatic products.

Each ton of vegetables and fruits planted in Zhongshan will be subsidized by 200 yuan if the total average stock of various varieties exceeds 100 tons per day for Guangdong's storage and purchase enterprises.

It should be noted that if the relevant agricultural product market returns to normal and remains stable during the storage period, the subsidy policy will probably be ended.

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