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Special stamps featuring 'Year of Xin-Chou' issued
Updated: 2021-01-07    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print


Special stamps featuring "Year of Xin-Chou" issued by China Post have been on sale since January 5. This set of stamps consists of 2 stamps with a total face value of 2.40 yuan. Stamp collectors in Zhongshan can buy stamps at postal outlets in East District and Xiaolan Town.

"I've been collecting stamps for more than ten years. Every year I will buy a set of Chinese zodiac stamps for my relatives living in Hong Kong. Unfortunately, we cannot meet each other this year due to the epidemic. So I prepared a set of stamps for him." Ms Yan, a stamp collector, says at a stamp collecting store in East District.

The "Year of Xin-Chou" stamps were designed by famous painter Yao Zhonghua. The two stamps show the expectations of the country and the family respectively, and both convey blessings for the Chinese New Year.

The Zhongshan Postal Administration also launched the "Niujiao Alley" commemorative postmarks and a set of two postcards on the same day. One of the postcards recalls the bustling scene of Niujiao Alley filled with shops, cakes and customers everywhere in Shiqi District during the early 20th century.

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