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Personal information reporting needed for returnees from here
Updated: 2021-10-15    Source: ZSFAC Large Medium Small Print

It is reported that a closed-loop management employee in the Huitong Logistics Park in Erenhot, Xilingol League, Inner Mongolia was reported positive in a nucleic acid test on Wednesday. Erenhot launched city-wide nucleic acid testing on Thursday.
Zhongshan Center for Disease Control and Prevention hereby issues the following notice:

01 Those who have been to Xilingol League, Inner Mongolia since September 30 should take the initiative to report relevant information to your communities and employers. Citizens can report your travel history through the “粤省事” WeChat applet (Xilingol League, Inner Mongolia is referred to as a medium risk area) proactively, cooperate with health management, and strengthen self-health monitoring.

02 All departments have responsibilities to carry out investigation on the recent travel history of their staff and the personnel they live with, and to urge those who have visited Xilingol League, Inner Mongolia since September 30 to take the initiative to report relevant information.

03 Please follow the latest updates of medium or high-risk regions in China, and avoid any unnecessary travel to such regions. At the same time, pay close attention to the activity trajectories of cases and asymptomatic infected persons released by cities where the outbreak has occurred, strengthen self-health management, and cooperate with local governments in implementing health management measures.

04 Even if you have received COVID-19 vaccines, you should still insist on implementing personal protective measures. When going into crowded and closed places such as shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels and motels, you need to wear masks when coming into close (less than 1 meter) contact with others, and take the initiative to cooperate in scanning and showing health codes, measuring body temperature and etc. Reduce unnecessary gathering activities; maintain a clean home environment and enhance ventilation and disinfection. Practice hygienic habits and lifestyles such as the "one-meter distance", frequent hand washing, wearing masks and using serving chopsticks. Cover up when coughing and sneezing, and pay attention to cough etiquette.

05 In the case of fever, cough, fatigue or other symptoms, please go to a nearby fever clinic or a designated medical institution for medical assistance and testing as soon as possible. Wear a mask properly and avoid using public transportation on your way to the medical institution. 

Reporting process for those who have traveled between medium or high risk areas and Zhongshan: 

Ⅰ. Open the “粤省事” WeChat applet;


Ⅱ. Click “粤康码”;


Ⅲ. Click “健康申报”;


Ⅳ. Click “外省入粤健康申报”;


Ⅴ. Choose the corresponding category (for this time, choose “中风险地区所在地市来粤人员”);


Ⅵ. You may choose “本人填报” (fill in by yourself) or “他人代填” (fill in for others), and fill in personal information correctly, and then submit.


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