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ZS plans to increase 6,000 public school vacancies this year
Updated: 2022-02-28    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print


According to the 2022 Zhongshan Education and Sports Working Conference held on February 24, Zhongshan plans to complete the construction of 8 public primary and secondary schools this year, increase 6,000 public school vacancies, and purchase 150,000 private school vacancies through government procurement.

To expand the coverage of high-quality educational resources, Zhongshan will promote collectivize management of primary and secondary schools by adding three education groups, and complete the construction of Yong'an and Yanzhou Middle Schools.

To propel the inclusive development of preschool education, Zhongshan will increase 4,000 standard kindergarten vacancies and introduce an instruction document on collectivize management of preschool education to improve the management system of preschool education and the remuneration of kindergarten teachers.

Regarding after-school services, Zhongshan will supervise and manage after-school services through a unified management system covering the city, towns and districts, schools, teachers, students, parents and qualified after-school training institutions.

In terms of higher education, Zhongshan will advance the independent college transform of UESTC, Zhongshan Institute, and accelerate the construction of the Zhongshan University of Science and Technology (tentative name).

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