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New round of job fairs in Zhongshan
Updated: 2022-05-16    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

The 2022 "Gathering and Embracing Zhongshan's Talent" online job fair has launched and recruitment activities are being held across the city.

These recruitment activities cover the equipment manufacturing, biomedicine, new energy and materials, and other popular industries, and key enterprises such as Zhongshan Unicom, Guangdong Meiweixian Flavoring Foods Co Ltd, Vatti and Broad-Ocean Motor are participating, attracting potential employees through live streaming for three consecutive months.

As one of the recruitment activities, a special live job fair for equipment manufacturing enterprises taking digital transformation was held on May 13.

From May to July, Zhongshan will continuously hold a series of live job fairs, including special fairs in Nanlang, Banfu, Minzhong, Shaxi, Huangpu, Xiaolan, Henglan and other towns and districts, as well as special fairs for biomedical, new energy, and state-owned enterprises.

In addition, Zhongshan will launch new recruitment activities for public institutions, with 101 new job vacancies for specialists, full-time teachers and general clerks.

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