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Xiaolan: Apartments for talent put into use
Updated: 2022-05-24    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print


A ceremony to unveil the new apartments for talent in Xiaolan Town was held on May 20. The keys were handed out to the first residents of the talent apartments.

The first batch of 22 well-equipped, rent-free apartments are provided to urgently-needed top talent, full-time graduate or post-graduate students, and senior professional and technical personnel, with a maximum tenancy period of 2 years. At present, 17 talent families are confirmed to move in.

The apartments for talent in Xiaolan are located in the central area of the town, with a perfect service system covering daily life, education and medical care. Some 10 million yuan had been invested in the renovation of the apartments. The first batch include two 100-square-meter apartments with two halls and three rooms and twenty 50-square-meter ones with two halls and two rooms. There is also a playroom on the first floor of the apartment building.

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