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Zhongshan pilots 'treatment-compensation-advance integration of traffic accident'
Updated: 2019-07-18    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

The Zhongshan traffic police department recently partnered up with Ping An Insurance Zhongshan company, Xiaolan People's Hospital of Zhongshan and Zhongshan Chen Xinghai Hospital to carry out a pilot program of the integration of compensation and advance for medical treatment caused by traffic accident through collaboration of traffic police, insurance company and hospitals, with the purpose of achieving "no advance payment required" by those injured in traffic accidents.

Once the program is launched, traffic police and insurance adjusters of Ping An will assist vehicle owners in dealing with minor traffic accident cases. The type of cases involved will be those where people are injured in traffic accidents related to Ping An Auto Insurance in Xiaolan Town. The benefit of all this is to help vehicle owners receive their compensation from their loss in shortest amount of time. This program will expedite mediation and liability judgments on the spot and determine the compensation for the injured.

Should the injured person need to be admitted to a hospital, the traffic police and the insurance adjusters of Zhongshan Ping An will jointly direct the ambulance to send the injured party to Xiaolan People's Hospital or Chen Xinghai Hospital that enjoys direct insurance compensation. This way, the injured will be able to receive high-quality medical treatment in the shortest possible time. Additionally, the traffic police will issue a Traffic Accident Responsibility Confirmation report according to the actual situation of the accident. Lastly, the hospital will be able to treat the injured in a timely and reasonable manner via the specified green channel launched.

For hospitalization costs incurred from the treatment, which must strictly follow the Guidelines for Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment of Traffic Accident Injuries and National Basic Medical Care Insurance Criteria, not including costs to treat past illnesses, Zhongshan Ping An will directly compensate the hospitalization costs (advance payment, pre-compensation, guarantee, direct settlement upon discharge from the hospital). Ping An will issue payment within the scope of its responsibility and offer follow-up free public welfare disability identification to reduce the advance of vehicle owners and the injured, and reduce their economic burden.

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