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Guanghong Hospital opens its inpatient building
Updated: 2019-11-18    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

Zhongshan Guanghong Rehabilitation Hospital opened its inpatient building, the Kangbin Building, on the afternoon of November 14.

The new inpatient building, with a renovated area of 6,229.56 square meters and 170 newly added beds, provides medical treatment and old-age services to the elderly over 60 years old in Zhongshan.

The first floor of the building, based on smart big data and internet, features telemedicine, remote physical examination, teleconferencing and tele-education, with the purpose of expanding vertical and horizontal cooperation in medical resources and creating a new mode of combining medical care and elderly care.

The second and third floors shall serve as rehabilitation halls, fourth to sixth floors shall serve as rehabilitation wards, and seventh to eighth floors shall serve as health care areas. The building adopts intelligent management and is equipped with first-class rehabilitation equipment, suitable products for the aged and barrier-free passageways.

"The whole building is divided into functional areas for daily care, medical care, multi-functional activities, dining and recreation. The rooms are equipped with desks and chairs, televisions, wardrobes, air conditioners and hot water systems in the bathroom for the elderly," said the hospital director Ming Basheng.

"There are more than 1,200 beds in the hospital, and over 280 elderly people are now living here," said Yi Honghui, vce chief of the Health Care Department.

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