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Zhongshan public hospital first changes ownership
Updated: 2019-11-19    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print


Chen Xinghai Hospital has become the first public hospital in Zhongshan under the mixed ownership reform.

According to the resettlement plan, for those employees who do not subscribe to the equity of the new company, they can retain the posts of government affiliated institutions and be transferred to other grass-root medical institutions, or, after negotiation, continue to work in the new company as an on-loan personnel with the retained posts of government affiliated institutions.

For employees who subscribe to the equity of the new company, they have to give up their posts of government affiliated institutions, choose either the public hospital pension entitlement plan or the one-time economic compensation, and subscribe to the equity according to the share subscription plan.

As of now, Chen Xinghai Hospital has a total of 553 registered employees and 518 contract workers. By November 15, more than 85% of its medical workers had confirmed that they would stay in the hospital.

Chen Xinghai Hospital of Zhongshan was originally the Xiaolan Health Center. In 1982, Chen Xinghai, permanent chief president of Zhongshan Xiaolan Association in Hong Kong, donated the expansion of the hospital. In June 1984, the hospital was completed and put into use under the name Xiaolan Chen Xinghai Hospital.

The restructuring reform involves a partnership among Hong Kong Chen Xinghai Medical Investment Group Limited, Xiaolan government and staffers of the hospital. The Hong Kong party holds 70% of the shares, the government 20%, and the staff 10%.

According to the initial cooperation framework, said a staff representative, the new company will partnet up with the Hong Kong College of Health Service Executives, Hong Kong Integrated Oncology Center, Hong Kong Adventist Oncology Center, Hong Kong Academy of Nursing and Prof Juliana Chan's team from Faculty of Medicine of the Chinese University of Hong Kong as well as introduce high-end equipment to provide quality and safe medical services to the Greater Bay Area.

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