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Zhongshan implements new health insurance policy
Updated: 2020-05-06    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

The Zhongshan Healthcare Security Bureau and the Zhongshan Health Bureau formulated the "Notice on Further Improving Day Surgery Work" together, saying to increase the number of "day surgery" disease categories included in medical insurance reimbursement from 3 to 51 and the total number of diseases from 10 to 110. The policy is rolled out from May 1.

"Day surgery" refers to an operation (excluding outpatient surgery carried out in a doctor's clinic or hospital) in which a patient is admitted to the hospital for a planned procedure and discharged home on the same calendar day.

At present, there are five hospitals in Zhongshan that meet the requirements for conducting "day surgeries". They are Zhongshan People's Hospital, Zhongshan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, Zhongshan Boai Hospital, Zhongshan Xiaolan People's Hospital and Zhongshan Jishuitan Orthopedic Hospital.

In addition, medical expenses related to "day surgeries" can be reimbursed as long as the medicine, diagnosis and treatment items and medical service facility fees fall within the conditions of the medical insurance.

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