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Zhongshan has set up 498 family doctor teams
Updated: 2020-05-20    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

By the end of 2019, Zhongshan had set up 498 family doctor teams and signed contracts to serve 1.21 million permanent residents.

"During the fight against COVID-19, family doctors were working on the front lines." According to sources from the Zhongshan Health Bureau, during the epidemic prevention and control period, many grass-roots family doctors came to households and treated patients, disseminated epidemic prevention and control knowledge, measured body temperature for the masses, and distributed hand sanitizer, disinfection powder, thermometers, masks, etc.

In order to promote the service of family doctors in this city, Zhongshan has implemented various forms of family doctor contracted services such as classified contracting, differentiated contracting and paid contracting to meet the various needs of different groups.

In June last year, Zhongshan's "Family Doctor Contracting Management Information System" was launched, successfully allocating medical insurance funds in the insurance system, which is conducive to the detailed and proper management of family doctors' private service.

Last year, the Zhongshan Health Bureau cooperated with the UMP Healthcare Group to set up the UMP Healthcare Studio in the community health service stations of Agile, Quanyan and Yagang in Sanxiang Town, providing residents with Hong Kong-style family doctor services.

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