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West District Hospital launches 'internet+nursing' service
Updated: 2020-06-12    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

On June 9, West District Hospital, with the help of the third-party platform "Healthy Zhongshan" APP, innovatively launched the "Internet Plus Nursing" service, offering 20 new kinds of online applications and onsite services. In this way, special patients who have trouble going to hospital can get nursing at home.

On the same day, Ms Huang's mother, who lived in the Shalang Community, was the first person to receive onsite nursing services booked online. After receiving the appointment, Ou Caiqing, director of the Nursing Department of West District Hospital, immediately evaluated the patient's condition and organized an onsite service team with Huang Anjia, director of the Intensive Medicine Department, and specialized nursing staff to provide services at Ms Huang's home at the appointment time.

According to a spokesperson from West District Hospital, residents can download the "Healthy Zhongshan" APP, click on the onsite service page, and select specific nursing service items to be provided by West District Hospital. The appointment will be successful after the hospital approves the appointed services. Then the payment shall be done online before the nurses come and fulfill the scheduled services .

At present, the first batch of "online nurses" in West District Hospital includes 13 people, mainly providing onsite nursing services for the disabled and semi-disabled elderly, patients who need special care after surgery, and special patients with mobility difficulties.

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