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Zhongshan puts 'smart C/O audit system' into use
Updated: 2020-12-18    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

General Administration of Customs has been promoting the reform of the smart audit system throughout the country since December 10. This system can audit the application data of certificates of origin (C/O) according to given rules and parameters. A total of 16 types of certificates such as preferential certificates, non-preferential certificates and free trade agreement certificates can be audited through this system 24 hours 365 days.

According to Zhongshan Customs, on the morning of December 10, only a few minute after Guangdong Homa Refrigerator Co Ltd submitted its electronic certificate for the "China-ASEAN Free Trade Agreement" in the system, the information was passed approved by Zhongshan Customs under Gongbei Customs.

"After the implementation of the system, it is more convenient for enterprises to apply for auditing and print their certificates at any time in case of an urgent situation," said the head of customs affairs for Homa Refrigerator.

It is reported that Zhongshan Customs issued more than 90,000 certificates of origin for Zhongshan-based export enterprises from January to November this year, totaling monetary value of more than 24 billion yuan.

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