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Railway Zhongshan Station adopts new train schedule
Updated: 2022-04-08    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

Starting April 8, railway Zhongshan Station will adopt a new train schedule, with 46 passenger trains bound for Zhuhai and 47 bound for Guangzhou.

After adjustment, Zhongshan Station will add round-trip trains D2812/D1871 to Chongqing. The D2812 will depart from Zhongshan Station at 7:10 am, and the D1871 will arrive at Zhongshan Station at 22:25. The D2812 stops at Guangzhou South Station, Guilin West Station, Guiyang East Station, Zunyi Station, Tongzi North Station, Qijiang East Station, and Chongqing West Station.

With this adjustment, the destinations of trains from Zhongshan Station now include Beijing West Station, Shanghai Hongqiao Station, Guangzhou South Station, Shenzhen North Station, Chengdu East Station, Chongqing West Station, Nanning Station, Guilin North Station, Hezhou Station, Guiyang North Station, Kunming South Station, Huaihua South Station, Changsha South Station, Zhengzhou East Station, Humen Station, Zhanjiang West Station, Meizhou West Station, Shanwei Station, Jieyang Station, Puning Station, Nanchang Weset Station, Jiaxing South Station, Nantong Station, and others.

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