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Image: Inexhaustible power
Updated: 2022-11-02    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

The development of urban transportation is closely related to the lives of urban residents, and the ever-improved transportation network can make people feel the inexhaustible power of urban development.


October 13, 2022. Construction on the Shenzhen-Zhongshan Bridge undersea tunnel, the world's first two-way eight-lane steel-tube concrete immersed tube tunnel, is in full swing. [Photo by Sun Jiabiao]


October 13, 2022. A drone captures the scene of workers drying fabric on the grass in Xinjian Village, Minzhong District. [Photo by Yang Jiawei]


October 14, 2022. A father protects his son who plays on a horizontal bar in a park in Huangpu Town. [Photo by Zhuo Jianghua]


October 16, 2022. The under-construction Jinzishan Interchange begins to take shape. [Photo by Li Yan]


October 16, 2022. Children play catch late in the afternoon. [Photo by Liang Dongmei]


October 16, 2022. Stand up paddle-boarders train on the Qijiang River in preparation for the upcoming 2022 China SUP Championship. [Photo by Liang Fengzhen]

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