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Images: Recording great time
Updated: 2022-12-06    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

We meet all kinds of people and things every day. We should spend and record every beautiful moment in our life in earnest to live up to the time. Come on, let's record and share our lives! 


On November 17, maintainers on high-voltage cables created "staves" in the blue sky. [Photo/Chen Shunqiang]


On November 15, the Zhongshan "Mayor Cup" Campus Football League 2022 (Primary School Division) took place at the Zhongshan National Fitness Square. Xiaolan Primary School and Yuanyang Primary School played neck and neck. [Photo/Chen Liwei] 


On November 19, several kids were playing by a paddy field in Dieshi Village, Dachong Town. [Photo/Li Zeyan] 


On November 20, residents in Torch Development Zone were queuing in order for PCR testing at the Mingzhu Plaza. [Photo/Xu Huatai] 


At the sunset of November 18, workers were installing clamps for the main cable of Lingdingyang Bridge of the Shenzhen-Zhongshan Bridge. [Photo/Shen Weidong]

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