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Images: Beauty from different angles
Updated: 2022-12-16    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

With devices like drones, mobile phones and all types of cameras, we can now appreciate the city from many new angles.


Misty Minzhong (first prize): An aerial view of Minzhong District's waterfronts after a rain on November 28, 2022. (Photo/Yang Jiawei)


New and Old Landmarks (second prize): New and old landmarks of Zhongshan city after a rain on November 28, 2022. (Photo/Chen Liwei)


Adding Colors (second prize): Gardeners were planting flowers on a flower base in Xingzhong Avenue on December 4, 2022. (Photo/Zhuo Jianghua)


Beautiful Zhongshan (third prize): Misty downtown Zhongshan on the early morning of November 28, 2022. (Photo/Liu Minghai)


Lush Mountains and Lucid Waters (third prize): Changjiang Reservoir shrouded in clouds on November 29, 2022. (Photo/Gao Xingtong)


Capable Lake Cleaners (third prize): Volunteers were clearing garbage floating on the Jinzhong Lake on December 3, 2022. (Photo/He Hongxin)

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