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Images: Great shots of the week (May 1 - May 7)
Updated: 2023-05-18    Source: Zhongshan Daily Large Medium Small Print

Great Shots of the Week is a weekly photo solicitation event held by Zhongshan Daily to collect photos from the public every week. Top 6 winners will be given prizes and electronic certificates. All residents including expats are welcome to participate and record beautiful moments in Zhongshan every week. Winners of the week (May 1 - May 7) are as follows. 


Lively Children's Park (First prize): An aerial photo of Shanglan Community in Nanlang District on May 1. The children's park next to Cuiheng Expressway attracted visitors from different places during the May Day holiday. (By Chen Weiwen)


Equally Matched (Second prize):  A ferocious tackle in a match of the Zhongshan Sanxiang Football Tournament on May 2. (By Jian Jianwen)


Shell Shedding (Second prize): On the night of May 4, a cicada was shedding its shell in Zimaling Park. (By Weiyu Choumou)


Chasing Each Other (Third prize): On the morning of May 3, more than 20 dragon canoes competed in the "Hongli Cup" single canoe race in Suicheng Community, Dongfeng Town. (By Zhang Yongwen)


Fish Catching Competition (Third prize): On May 1, a breathtaking fish catching competition took place at Pandas Heritage Stadium. The participants caught fish in the pool and took catches home for free. (By Yu Xingdong)


Dancing in the Air (Third prize): On May 2, a bird was flapping its wings in Denenghu Park, Torch Development Zone. (By Wu Huakun)

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