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Images: ZS dresses in red to welcome National Day
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At nightfall, on Zhuyuan Road and Baiyuan Road, workers were standing on a lift to hang national flags on street lamps.

In addition to national flags, the main decorations for this year's National Day also include flower bed sculptures with traditional festive elements such as Chinese knots, red ribbons and auspicious clouds.

The fabric flags and light-box flags have already been hung along main roads in downtown Zhongshan, such as Bo'ai Road, Sunwen East Road, Yintong Street, Zhongshan 2nd Road, Chenggui Road and Dongyuan South Road. The three-dimensional flower bed sculptures are under construction.


September 24, Bo'ai Road. With National Day drawing near, many roads in Zhongshan are decorated with national flags to create a vibrant festive atmosphere.


September 21, Xingzhong Avenue.


September 21 night, workers were hanging light-box national flags along main roads in downtown Zhongshan.


September 25, security guards were hanging national flags on both sides of the Sunwen West Road pedestrian street.


September 21, Holiday Plaza on Sunwen Road.


September 25, flowers arrangements are set up in Yixianhu Park. (Photo by Yu Zhaoyu and Wen Zhicheng)

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